About Me

My name is Lynn Nicolson. I gained my extensive experience in the hospitality industry over the last 30 years as Hotel General Manager.  Then I owned and managed  The Ben Lomond converted church restaurant for 6 years, YES I have definitely walked the walk!

My reputation is paramount to me and has proved to be a valuable asset to my training company. I am highly motivated  and passionate about implementing unique and amazing skills into your business in order to ensure results.

After so many years of experience in people based business, I am of the opinion, that  people are definitely  the most important resource without a doubt. By  focusing on your people development skills, we encourage our clients and their organisations to grow successfully and exceed their own expectations whilst creating your very own unique style of customer delivery that will not be forgotten by your customers.

Word of mouth is a very important tool and we need to engage in this from the beginning and never forget the value of this form of network marketing.