If you gained your Personal Licence on 1st September 2009 you will need to complete Refresher Training after your 10 year period. Ben Lomond Training  will be running courses near you.  To schedule your training to suit your needs please get in touch now!Under increasing scrutiny to show responsible retailing, licensed premises are facing their toughest challenges yet to ensure their legislative compliance. We are able to offer the licensed trade every help it needs in embracing the new Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 which came in to force on 1st February 2008 and went fully operational on 1st September 2009. We can provide the ServeWise Certificate for Scottish Personal Licence Holders for On and Off-Licences as well as the mandatory staff training. and assistance with preparation of risk assessments and house policy statements. 

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005

There are only two types of licence under the new Act, a Personal Licence and a Premises Licence. The holder of a Premises Licence must name a Premises Manager who must have a Personal Licence and each sale of alcohol must be authorised by the holder of a Personal Licence.

Speak to me and let me know what you need!!   

The Licensing Compliance Portfolio

Are you complying with the Licensing Legislation?    Is all of your paperwork & signage  in order?

Ben Lomond Training is the only company that will provide you with the complete package of compliance, and the required paperwork, signs and training records prepared and ready to produce to your LSO (Licensing Standards Officer).

This will also include:-

Dispersal Policy,  Escalation Policy, Noise Control Policy, Public Transport Policy, Age Verification and the 5 Risk Assessments of the 5 Licensing Objectives and complete compliance of all requirements and signage display. There is no one in Scotland currently offering this service.  Price on request.

Available Training Courses

1.Personal Licence Holder Training

Suitable for all owners, managers and supervisors in the On and Off sales trade enabling the application for a Personal Licence on successful completion. This will allow individuals to authorise and supervise the sale of alcohol. Those who are Named Premises Managers on a premises licence application must have this qualification. £150 per person 

2.Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (Refresher) (see above)

Suitable for all existing Personal Licence holder, this is a refresher course that must be undertaken within 5 years of being issued your original licence.  Course content is specified by the Scottish Government and covers an introduction to licensing, responsible operation of licensed premises and the effect of irresponsible operation on society and health.  It is assessed formally with a 40 question multiple choice exam at the end of the training session and the Certificate is awarded and accredited by City & Guilds for the purposes of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005. £95 per person 

3.Staff Mandatory Training

All staff must now complete 2 hours mandatory training before selling or serving alcohol. We can deliver this 2 hour course plus examination of understanding on site(depending on numbers). This will also  be certificated. Price dependent on numbers. 

Alternatively we can supply City & Guilds workbooks to allow your own Personal Licence Holders to complete and supervise staff training and sign records for evidence of due diligence. 


Let me take care of your annual ?Licensing Health Check?  which entails a complete review  and update of  your licensing systems, documents, training, refresher training and  displayed signage  as well as being  on hand to assist with routine matters such as updating certificates, providing notices  and guidance.

My role is to save you time to enable you to grow your business please get in touch if this might be helpful to you.  

5.Refusal Books

As part of your responsible retailing the use of these refusal books prove that you and your team understand the need to refuse sale of alcohol at certain times.

They can also be used as a tool in staff training and can provide evidence of due diligence.

Contact me to purchase Staff Workbooks and Refusal Books.