Video Training


During this difficult time, I am happy to offer to help with any training you might require.

  1. Cleaning & Disinfection Training (REHIS) Royal Environmental Institute of Scotland.
  2. Elementary Food Hygiene (REHIS) Royal Environmental Institute of Scotland.
  3. Scottish Personal Licence
  4. Licensing Refresher Training

All delivered via Zoom training meetings and all certificated courses from the comfort of your home.

Let's take advantage of this time and use it wisely.

We need to be well aware of being fully compliant with everything and everyone and be totally prepared for when this is all over.

Staff can be trained now and be absolutely ready for work when we need them to be. They will not need to disappear from work for the day when we eventually get back there!

I am delighted that even holiday lodge cleaning staff are looking for The Cleaning & Disinfection qualification. That is caring!

Please get in touch if I can help in any way at all. Stay safe.

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